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To those who have achieved extraordinary success and now seek to safeguard and grow their wealth with precision and foresight

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Our solutions span the spectrum of traditional to the most advanced, all underpinned by strategic advisory tailored to your unique circumstances.

Ocean West’s philosophy

Ocean West’s philosophy champions a bold, unconventional approach, where mastery and strategic insight forge the path to unparalleled financial opportunities.


Ocean West

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Higher risk / Lower return


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About Ocean West

G. Kim Hinkson

For over 35 years, Ocean West has assisted clients in finding solutions to their most challenging problems in the areas of tax, succession and estate planning. Founded and led by Kim Hinkson and his son Josh, we collaborate with a network of independent experts to provide bespoke financial solutions.

Why work with us?

Why work with us? As a family owned business, we can relate to the challenges of our clients. By providing access to top tax and estate professionals, we equip wealthy business owners with valuable tools to address both current and future challenges - even when they believe they’ve exhausted all planning opportunities.

It is not just our innovative strategies that distinguish us

We understand that business is about people and that building an authentic, enduring relationship with you and your family based on a foundation of trust, respect, integrity and shared values is at the center of everything we do.